Ep. 2: Executive Director of the Iowa Wildlife Federation, Ryan Smith

On this episode of Prairie Prophets Podcast, Brandon sits down with Executive Director of the Iowa Wildlife Federation, Ryan Smith.

Episode 3: The Science of Prairie

Dr. Lisa Schulte Moore and industry professionals explain the benefits of restoring prairie to agricultural landscapes.

Episode 2: Restoration & Innovation

Meet the forward-thinkers who pushed the boundaries of their traditional practices to change the course of the future.

Episode 1: The Vision and The Founder

An introduction to Prairie Prophets, Horizon II, and Rudi Roeslein, hosted by Brandon Butler.

Restoring our Prairielands: Cleaner Water, Better Soil, Reduced Flooding

It is time to recognize that development in flood plains, wetlands, and riparian buffers are causing these catastrophes. It is also time to recognize that nature has provided the only solution that is practical, cost-effective, and scalable.

Partnership led by Roeslein Alternative Energy wins $80 million grant to develop new climate-smart agriculture value chain

‘Horizon II’ Pilot Project to Demonstrate How Farmers Get Environmental Credit Compensation and Renewable Energy Revenue by Planting Prairie Grasses and Cover Crops

Roeslein Alternative Energy named Corporate Conservationist of the Year

Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) has been named the Corporate Conservationist of the Year by the Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM). This award recognizes corporations that have made a significant contribution towards conservation in the state of Missouri. 

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