Roeslein Alternative Energy named Corporate Conservationist of the Year

Written By Adam Voight

Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) has been named the Corporate Conservationist of the Year by the Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM). This award recognizes corporations that have made a significant contribution towards conservation in the state of Missouri. 






Roeslein Alternative Energy was presented with the Corporate Conservationist of the Year Award for the company’s process of creating renewable natural gas from livestock manure and herbaceous biomass, and for the ecological and wildlife benefits resulting from the process. The award was presented at the annual CFM Conservation Awards Ceremony in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, on March 11, 2022.  

“The Conservation Federation of Missouri has been watching the development of Roeslein Alternative Energy for over five years now, and the accomplishments of this company are remarkable. Rudi Roeslein is one of the most inspiring conservationists in Missouri. We are grateful for his efforts and those of all the employees at Roeslein Alternative Energy. The company’s work to restore native prairie in Missouri while also improving air quality, water quality, and soil health is environmentally and economically rewarding for our state. CFM appreciates our continued partnership with RAE, and we are honored to give them this award,” said Tyler Schwartze, Executive Director of the CFM. 

Rudi Roeslein, the Founder and CEO of RAE, has a vision to restore 30 million acres of prairie throughout the Midwest. The plan includes creating a new market that uses sustainably harvested native prairie plants and cover crops to produce renewable energy through the process of anaerobic digestion. He hopes to use this as a model to restore millions of acres of grasslands around the globe that will sequester carbon and protect waterways from pollutants.  

“Rudi Roeslein sets the bar high for us all. His commitment to conservation reverberates throughout his life, both personally and professionally, and his ethos absolutely spills over into the culture of his companies. Over 1,300 global Roeslein employees go to work every day to help displace single-use plastics and advanced technology that turns organic waste into renewable energy. Our company is rooted in conservation, so it is an honor to have our efforts recognized by the Conservation Federation of Missouri,” said Brandon Butler, Director of Communications.

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