See how a small company dedicated to creating renewable energy ended up leading a multimillion-dollar initiative to nationalize prairie restoration and regenerative farming.


RAE Founded

Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) is founded as a company dedicated to developing and operating renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities.


First lagoons covered

RAE implements more technologies to convert natural gasses into clean renewable energy with the Valley View and South Meadows lagoon coverings.


First EPA swine registration

The Environmental Protection Agency officially registers and permits the use of swine for concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) that convert methane from manure into clean energy, allowing RAE to expand and accelerate its RNG operations.


Monarch Bioenergy Formed

As the result of a partnership between Roeslein Alternative Energy and Smithfield Foods, Inc., Monarch combines RAE’s technology with Smithfield’s sustainable farming practices to capture more methane emissions and convert them into carbon-negative RNG.


Prairie Prophets Initiative Begins

RAE is awarded an $80 million climate-smart grant for a 5-year pilot project in Iowa and Nebraska called Horizon II, effectively launching the Prairie Prophets initiative to create a climate-smart future for land, livestock and RNG production.


Prairie Prophets Website Published

RAE officially launches the Prairie Prophets website to bring more visibility and awareness to the economic, ecological and wildlife benefits of prairie restoration, including its contributions to RNG.


Our 30/30 Vision

Looking ahead, RAE’s ultimate goal is to restore and convert 30 million acres of marginal land to native prairie grasses in the next 30 years to create a future of healthier soil, biodiversity and clean energy for landowners, wildlife and the world.

Prairie Prophets Video Series

Get a good look at the people behind our prairies. This video series highlights the founders, landowners and researchers dedicated to prairie restoration.


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