Prairie Prophets – Episode 11: Horizon II Efforts at the Dunn Ranch
Prairie Prophets

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The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is the largest conservation organization in the world. In Missouri, TNC is making huge impacts on prairie. They are important partners in the Horizon II grant.

In this episode, you hear from Adam McLane, State Director of Missouri TNC at Dunn Ranch about the role Dunn Ranch is playing in our Horizon II efforts. Kyle Carroll – Presiding Commissioner of DeKalb County talks about the importance of properties like Dunn Ranch in Rural Missouri. Keith Bennett the Seed Specialist for TNC at Dunn Ranch walks us through his seed collection process. Brett Perkins the Bison Heard Manager at Dunn Ranch talks about the key role prairie chickens and bison play in prairie and the need for continuous management in conservation.

Dunn Ranch is a 3,000-acre property, 1,000 of it is unplowed prairie which had never been tilled. You’ll meet key partners and gain a better understanding of what the expected outcomes of Horizon II are. Learn more about Horizon II at



Brandon Butler

Season One Host, Prairie Prophets
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