Prairie Prophets – Episode 10: Teamwork Makes the Horizon II Dream Work
Prairie Prophets

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The Horizon II grant has officially been signed, and Rudi Roeslein has called a meeting of the partners to his Northern Missouri farm to celebrate and plan our next steps.

In this episode, you hear more from Rudi about his vision becoming reality, and the gratitude he feels for the support received from the USDA, and how proud he is of the Horizon II initiative gaining ground. Conservation and agriculture work hand in hand on Rudi’s farm. The attendees take a tractor tour to see all the prairie established around water sources, on hill sides, and as strips in row crop fields.

You’ll meet key partners and gain a better understanding of what the expected outcomes of Horizon II are. Learn more about Horizon II at



Brandon Butler

Season One Host, Prairie Prophets
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Rudi Roeslein

Founder, Roeslein Alternative Energy
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