Adam Voight

Marketing Manager, Roeslein Alternative Energy
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Adam Voight is the marketing manager for Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE). Adam leads the marketing initiatives for RAE, including brand management, web development, advertising, and media. He lives on a small acreage south of Columbia, MO.


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What is Anaerobic Digestion?

Roeslein Alternative Energy uses a proprietary system of technologies to capture gases emitted from animal waste through the natural process of anaerobic digestion.

Partnership led by Roeslein Alternative Energy wins $80 million grant to develop new climate-smart agriculture value chain

‘Horizon II’ Pilot Project to Demonstrate How Farmers Get Environmental Credit Compensation and Renewable Energy Revenue by Planting Prairie Grasses and Cover Crops

Roeslein Alternative Energy named Corporate Conservationist of the Year

Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) has been named the Corporate Conservationist of the Year by the Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM). This award recognizes corporations that have made a significant contribution towards conservation in the state of Missouri. 

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