Prairie Prophets Podcast: Ep. 17: Chris McLeland, Director of Agriculture Programs for Ducks Unlimited
Prairie Prophets Podcast

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On this episode of Prairie Prophets Podcast, Brandon sits down with Chris McLeland, Director of Agriculture Programs for Ducks Unlimited. Ducks Unlimited has partnered with the USDA, National Pork Board, Nestle and others for a Climate-Smart Commodities grant that will impact 240,000 acres in Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Brandon and Chris talk about the importance of restoring, protecting, and enhancing wetland habitat for the waterfowl population to thrive. Diverse grasslands are also a crucial component of nesting waterfowl habitat. With the Climate-Smart Commodities grant, Ducks Unlimited will be providing on-site technical support by assisting producers with the planting of cover crops, no-till seed planting, livestock integration, grass buffers, and wetland buffers.

More information about Ducks Unlimited role in the Climate-Smart Commodities Grant can be found here: USDA’s $35 Million Conservation Grant Will Impact 240,000 Acres | Ducks Unlimited



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