Prairie Prophets Podcast: Ep. 29: Missouri State Representative Tim Taylor
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On this episode of Prairie Prophets Podcast, Brandon chats with Missouri State Representative Tim Taylor. Taylor represents parts of Chariton, Cooper, Howard, and Randolph counties (District 48) in the Missouri House of Representatives. Taylor also serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Conservation and Natural Resources Committee for the House of Representatives.

Brandon and Tim meet up in Delaware, at the National Assembly of Sportsman Caucus Sportsman-Legislator Summit. This is the premier legislative event of the year that brings together sportsmen’s caucus members, NGOs, natural resource managers, the outdoor industry, and policy experts for three days of educational programming, networking, and planning for the next decade of success in the conservation arena.

While attending the Summit, Brandon and Tim talk the current state of Agriculture in Missouri, Horizon II efforts, and the importance of sustainable and ecologically friendly practices for conservation.

More information about Representative Tim Taylor can be found at: Representative Tim Taylor (



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