Prairie Prophets Podcast: Ep. 14: Zack Vucurevich, Owner of Whetstone Habitat
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On this episode of Prairie Prophets Podcast, Brandon talks with Zack Vucurevich, Owner and Certified Wildlife Biologist of Whetstone Habitat. Through Whetstone Habitat, Zack helps clients become better stewards of their land – maximizing the ecological potential.

Brandon and Zack talk about the importance of a landowner’s ability to identify beneficial plant species as well as invasive and non-native species. Zack also champions the positive impact native prairie strips and buffer zones can have on a healthy wildlife habitat.

More information about Zack Vucurevich can be found here: Whetstone Habitat LLC

Zack Vucurevich on LinkedIn: (27) Zack Vucurevich | LinkedIn



Brandon Butler

Director of Communications, Roeslein Alternative Energy
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Jeff Blumer

Content Manager, Roeslein Alternative Energy
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