Prairie Prophets Podcast: Ep. 15: Steve Mowry, Attorney and Conservationist
Prairie Prophets Podcast

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On this episode of Prairie Prophets Podcast, Brandon chats with Steve Mowry, Kansas City Attorney and avid conservationist. Steve’s work with the Missouri Prairie Foundation played a significant role in the early stages of Roeslein Alternative Energy and he continues to serve as a prairie and wildlife advocate.

Brandon and Steve talk about the ongoing work Steve does with his land including Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) and what it means to be a good steward of the land. Steve’s historical knowledge of the turkey and the work it takes to build a healthy and sustainable habitat is exceptional.

More information about Steve Mowry can be found in Season 1 Episode 6 of Prairie Prophets:  Episode 6: Grasslands Habitat for Wild Turkey – YouTube



Brandon Butler

Director of Communications, Roeslein Alternative Energy
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Jeff Blumer

Content Manager, Roeslein Alternative Energy
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