Ep. 1: Missouri Soybean Director of Market Development, Matt Amick
Prairie Prophets Podcast

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On this episode of Prairie Prophets Podcast, Brandon sits down with Missouri Soybean Director of Market Development, Matt Amick. Matt Amick also serves as the Executive Director of the Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri and continues farming with his family in his free time. The two discuss why the soybean is considered the most versatile agricultural product in the world, and the benefits of biodiesel and alternative energy along with the market outlook for renewable energy.

More information about Matt Amick and the work he does can be found at: About MOSoy – Missouri Soybeans and Biodiesel Coalition of Missouri – We exist to promote the commercial success of biodiesel in Missouri (missouribiodiesel.org)



Brandon Butler

Season One Host, Prairie Prophets
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