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Bid Issued: Feb. 15, 2024
Bid Closed: Feb. 29, 2024


RAE seeks a film production company who also has the experience filming documentary style film in the outdoors and conservation genre. The ideal vendor would have a deep portfolio in the outdoor genre, be able to film in most conditions, and have a network of conservation professionals to call upon for interviews and episode content.

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As this is a competitive bidding process, we cannot disclose the budget. If you decide to provide a bid for this project, please be thorough in providing detailed costs to meet the requirements outlined in the request for proposal.

For reference, please watch season 1 on We are filming with Goal of streaming on major streaming platforms minimum requirements. Please refer to the required specs of Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Prime Video, RFDTV, Carbon TV, PBS etc.. Quality should not limit the show from being aired on these major platforms.

Content and themes revolve around the scope of work of the Horizon II, Climate Smart Commodities Grant. While episodes will cover various topics, all content will need to tie into the mission and objectives of the grant, the collaborators and partners involved, and the vision of 30 million acres of prairie restored in 30 years. RAE will have the biggest input on direction of each episode and season, but this will be a collaborative effort with the production company involved. The production company will need to be able to source material and interviews within the conservation and agriculture networks.

The objective of marketing for the Horizon II, Climate Smart Commodities Grant is public outreach and education. We are in search of a production team that can provide a quality of work that would be equivalent to programs available on streaming platforms including but not limited to Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Prime Video, RFDTV, Carbon TV, and PBS. In addition to potentially airing on any of these platforms, we would also distribute through our YouTube channel.

We release episodes throughout the year with a focus on completing one season per year. This is subject to change if requested by a major streaming platform or television network. We will need to adhere to their policies for episodes and or season submissions.

This is a docuseries, so it is necessary to stay true to the mission and vision of the Horizon II, Climate Smart Commodities Grant. All episodes and topics will need to be agreed upon by the RAE Marketing and Communications team. Final approval for each episode must come from RAE before posting or going public. There is a brand guideline for those shown on camera that are affiliated with the grant. Guest interviews should look TV appropriate. For example, no visible promotion of brands not associated with the grant and its partners.

Video and audio quality must follow the required specs of those major streaming platforms and television networks listed above.

RAE team members must be on site for every shoot to ensure proper messaging. The collaborative process will happen at each shoot with the RAE team and film production team. All edits and narrations will be approved by the RAE Marketing and Communications team before posting publicly.

RAE will provide some contacts and support, as needed. The film production company should show a wide breadth of contacts within the Conservation and Agricultural fields.

The RAE Marketing and Communications team will have an advertising plan and budget for the promotion of the series. The film production company should focus on bringing the best possible content to light to educate the public about our mission.

Legal, regulatory, or compliance requirements are subject to change at each project and film site. There will be cases where access is limited, and certain things cannot be filmed. These items will be detailed by location, and personnel as requested.

The film production team will need to show that they are equipped to film and capture video and audio in a variety of outdoor environments potentially including extreme heat, below-freezing temperatures, wet environments, and locations where you could have contact with insects and other animals.

While we always encourage sustainability with those we interact with, this will not be a factor in the decision-making process.

Proposals should be centered around the bullet points listed within the RFP: Pages 6-7.

A film production company with a solid network that can help cultivate relationships with streaming services and television networks would be ideal.

The project areas will be in Iowa and Missouri, located near existing RAE facilities but travel to other locations will be required as needed. To get a better understanding, please refer to season 1 of prairie prophets where we visited our neighbors to the South in Louisianna. Travel to other locations is necessary to tell the complete story of the Horizon II, Climate Smart Commodities Grant.

Good news! We are working on a fluid travel fund that is separate to the proposal (ie: Per Diem to be covered by Grant funding).


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